I graduated with my Masters in Dietetics not too long ago but decided that it was my passion for all things balanced life, not just food, that would become my brand.  I am also currently doing my personal training certificate and consulting for online diet and fitness company Kelfit Lifestyle. 

I am just a girl who loves to eat, and exercise, and drink wine; on a mission to live that BALANCED life... and share it, so that hopefully, I can help a few of you find your balance, and because otherwise it didn't happen!

The Balanced Life is a brand I have slowly started to adopt as my own in the last year. It stands for all things balance; food, fitness, lifestyle & adventure.
I have been through three phases of self-perception in my 26 years of existence;

1. The "I don't care/ know no better" phase
2. The "food guilt & overly conscious" phase
3. and finally I have found the "balanced life" phase

I have developed a means of finding and keeping that balance and I am ready to share it with the world, that is why I have started this page. You can visit my Instagram page @thebalancedlife_blog to read up a bit more on what I have been up to the last year or two.



The views and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own or else credit and references are always given where they are due. This website is for informational purposes and any information contained and read within this website should not be considered as medical diagnosis or treatment and should not replace physical treatment with a medical professional. Results and outcomes achieved through posts may vary according to each individual.