Welcome to The Balanced Life

Welcome to my little space of food for thought (excuse the pun).It’s a beautiful but tough world out there, made tougher every day by the near impossible standards we create for ourselves; be it in health, fitness, beauty, love or work. 

I decided to create this website so that I could expand my blog, social media and all other content that I like to share; in the hopes that I can inspire you to take a load off and start finding the inner peace and acceptance we are all constantly searching for. The kind I have finally found for myself.  I am looking at using this platform as a means of expressing experiences, food, fitness, health, adventure and life's other treasures I believe make up not only the #balancedlife but life in general.

I have a Masters Degree in Nutrition/ Dietetics and appetite to never stop reading and learning (and eating good food). But what I am truly proud of is my passion to help you change, nourish, forgive, and learn to love yourself and be the best version you can be, of you. I am also undeniably passionate about living a healthy but balanced lifestyle and guiding you to do the same. 

You can have your cake and eat it, without feeling guilty – imagine such a world? It’s all about finding your healthy balance.“Our bodies are resilient, make the right choices 95% of the time and they will forgive us the other 5%”